Best Practices for filling out a VA Profile

Here is an overview of the sections of the Virtual Assistant profile that is filled out to get the best response back from the Employer who is viewing applications.

My Info

Under the My Info section the most important section are:

Desired hourly rate, When you are matched with jobs your hourly rate is a big factor, if your hourly rate is too high employers will not look at your application as they might be able to get an employee from the states at your rate. Also, this applies if your hourly rate is too low employers will be put off thinking you do have not enough to offer. 

About: This is one of the most important sections in all your Profile, this will make the Employer continue looking at your profile or reject it immediately. Remember to use keywords in your about section, like worked in Realty Company, Onboarding, and Customer service. These are the keywords employers are looking for.  If you have a skill that is not included in our list make sure you write it in your about as this will make you stand out. Also, write in if you studied at University and what you studied. Your About section needs to be more than 1 sentence, an employer looking at someone with one sentence will think they have nothing to offer or they are not interested. Also don't write too much make at a couple of sentences  using keywords that will get you better results


The talent match is going to match your skills with the job,  so it's important to list all your skills, if you do not find a skill you have in our skill section that is relevant to property management please email us at so we can add I to the skill action, there are 4  skill areas and they are:

General skills: Fill out as many as you can from the drop-down menu, if there are some similarities to the ones you have but are not on the list then add them and if asked explain why you chose them.

Software Skills: Fill out as many as you can from the drop-down menu, this shows the level of computer proficiency you have.

Property Management Skills: Fill out as many as you can from the drop-down menu, If you don't have property management experience but there are some similarities to the ones you have in your general skills then add them and if asked explain why you chose them.

Property Management Software: Fill out as many as you can from the drop-down menu, if you don't have any then don't worry if an Employer likes you they will train you on the ones you need.

Work Experience

It's very important to remember that your profile is your resume. Even though you will be uploading your resume in a PDF format, it's very important for an Employer to quickly look at your most recent jobs under work experience. When updating your different jobs, make sure they are relevant jobs even if they are not in Property Management. So if you did customer service at a hotel that will be relevant as its customer services. It's important to complete this section as best as you can even if you don't have all the relevant experience in property management upload the experience you have in other fields of business.


This section is also important, make sure you upload all relevant studies and ongoing studies. If you studied at a University put what you studied and how long it was, if you studied at a technical college do the same. If you studied courses or were taught courses in your last jobs as long as they are relevant then put them in. If they are about accounting excellent, if they are about life-saving do not put it in.


As most of you who will be applying from outside the US, you will most probably speak another language or language. Putting all of them in it shows your ability to learn and accomplish something very special, not everyone can speak 2 languages or more.

My Files

This section is where you will upload your PDF Resume and your Video Resume:

PDF Resume is very important as it will give the employer even more resources to look at you and make a decision about hiring you. Make sure it is up to date and has relevant information, do not put in jobs that are not relevant or High school information.

Video Resume is the number 1 differentiator you can have between you and the competition for getting hired.  When an employer sees you have a video resume they will look at your profile first. Why? because when they see your video they can see who you are how you speak and if you will fit into their company. Remember you will become part of the Face of the company so make sure you look professional and formal. This is a sure way of getting an employers attention.