4 Steps to Standing Out and Getting a Contract

Do you want to stand out among the thousands of candidates? We have noticed that people who follow these 4 steps get more invites to jobs, get more interviews, and get contracted than others who do not.

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1.  Complete Your Profile

Companies receive 100s of resumes.  You want to stand out.  Complete your profile.

We surveyed companies that use VPM and overwhelmingly, companies will not even look at a resume that does not have a video, does not have a photo, or is not completed.   Just uploading your paper resume to your profile is not sufficient.  This is due to how companies search resume cards in VPM.


Your photo should be of you not of an avatar.


When recording your video, keep it around 1 minute, make sure you have good lighting, and are dressed business casual.  Talk about your values, your personality, your past experience and the type of company you are looking to work with.  

2. Use Keywords in the About Me Section

This is the section where you sell yourself.  If you have experience or a skill that is not listed in VPM it is paramount that you add it in your about me section.  Companies will use a global search on items not listed in the platform.  If the skill is in your about me section you will show up.  


Keep the about me section professional.  No need to add if you are married, single or have children.  Instead enter your core values, the type of personality you have or the type of company you want to work for.

3. Skills

Less is more.  When selecting the different skills you have,  the more you select the less a company believes you.  Also, the Talent Match Algorithm will not work in your favor if you select too many skills.  If you do not have any experience in property management do not select all of the property management skills.  Companies can see you have no experience and thus, do not trust you have these skills.  Not having the skills is fine, most companies are looking for people who fit their culture, have the right personality type and have the right attitude.  There is nothing in property management that cannot be taught to someone who has the capacity to learn and retain information.

4. Take the Free Training

VPM adds new training courses monthly.  Each course has an exam.  Once you take the course and pass the exam you receive a certification.  Companies search by certifications and the TalentMatch algorithm takes certifications into account when matching you up with posted jobs.


Companies will post jobs with recommended courses.  If you see a job posted that you are interested in, one of the easiest ways to get an interview is to take the recommended courses.  This shows the company that you are interested in the subject matter, you are willing to spend your own time training and that you have the capacity to retain information by passing the exams.  Companies look for these types of individuals to work with