Best practices for filling out your job posting.

When filling out a job posting on VPM Solutions there is a delicate balance between too many applicants and not enough applicants. Remember, you can always invite applicants to apply for any job you post.

Job title

Be specific in the job title.  Most job seekers search keywords for the job they want.  

Use the word assistant when possible.  Remember,  most of the people on the platform identify themselves as an assistant.

Job Description Tips

  • Write the job description for the type of personality you are looking to hire.  For example, if you are looking for someone who is detail-oriented, use data or use words that will resonate with someone who is detail-oriented.  
  • Use questions at the beginning of the job posting to get attention.  Combine this with the personality type you are looking for.  An example might be - Are you great with spreadsheets?  Do you like the following processes?  - These are examples of looking for a detail-oriented person.
  • Do not make the requirements too difficult.  Remember, most of the VAs are looking to get into the industry, few of them have years of experience in the industry.  Posting a requirement like - must have 5 years of experience will greatly reduce the number of applicants.
  • Add your company details in the job description including Core Values and Mission Statement if it is NOT in your company profile.
  • Include the Vision of the company.  Where is the company today and where is it going.  Most people want to work for a thriving and growing company.
  • When listing out responsibilities make the list detailed but concise. 
  • Highlight the day-to-day activities of the position and how the position fits into the organization.
  • Include the schedule.  What days/hours are they required to work
  • Include any perks - Example - Do they get paid time off, paid holidays, overtime, or bonuses


  • Enter the proficiency level.  The lower the level the more matches you will receive.  For example, if you select fluent, you will get matched with more people than if you select Native or Bilingual.
  • There are a lot of people who are insecure about their fluency.  They may be bilingual but do not believe they are bilingual.  Using fluent will attract some people to apply to the job that may not apply because they felt their English was not good enough.  You can always weed out people who do not have good enough English during the interview process.


The more skills you fill out the more matches you will receive.  For example, if you enter three skills total (the minimum), you will receive less matches.  

When an assistant looks at your job they will see that they do not match or have a very low match and will be reluctant to apply to your job.

Adding more skills will increase the matching percent and as a result, will increase the number of applications.

It is recommended that you enter General and General software skills along with any property management skills you are looking for.


Setting your budget can be tricky.

When setting the range.  Start the low end really low.  Remember, there are a lot of countries where the hourly wage is very low.  Most people will not apply to a job that pays too high because they feel they are unqualified.

Years ago, there was a study done where a job listing for an executive assistant in the United States was posted for $50,000 per year.  They received numerous applications.  They posted the same exact ad for $1500,000 per year and received no applications.  The moral of the story was people were unwilling to apply for a position they felt they were not qualified for.  They equated their qualification based on the salary not on the actual job description.

Set the top end higher than you are willing to pay.  Creating a bigger range of possible applicants. 

Before setting the budget, perform some searches on the main database to see where the average salary requirements are and create the budget within that range.

Another tactic is to set a high-end range to the budget.  You can tell them the true budget during the interview process.

Use The Invite

During the job posting, you can invite specific people to the job.  If you search the main database and find a few people you are interested in, invite them to the job during the job posting.