How does the referral link work?

The referral program allows you to receive commissions on anyone you refer to VPM Solutions once they receive payment.  To receive a commission the person you referred must create an account on VPM Solutions using your referral link, Get hired (or hire someone) and get paid (or pay someone).  VPM Solutions pays you a small commission each time a payment is made.

Commissions are accumulated and paid out at the beginning of the next quarter.  The affiliate program is paid out at the end of each quarter. For example, Q1 (Jan - March) commissions are paid on April 1.

A minimum of $20 will need to be accumulated before a payout occurs. The reason for the minimum amount is due to the transaction fees that need to be paid out to the payment processing companies. In an effort to save you money, VPM Solutions will pay out once the minimum has been met.