How to guarantee applications to your job posting

Once you post a job, that is just half the battle. You still need to get people to apply for the job. Here are some tips that you can use to increase applicants to your job posting.

  1.  Fill out a comprehensive About section on your company profile.  The more information you can give about your company the more “real” the company feels.  Some tips for filling out the about section.

    a. Company history
    b. Company core values
    c. Size, location, and areas serviced
    d. Vision and mission statement.

  2. Add your website and social media in the company profile.  Like the About section, the website and social media links are also visible to the virtual assistant when they are looking at job postings.  Just like you are nervous about hiring a virtual assistant, they are nervous working for a company that is across the world.  Their fear is they go work for a company that does not pay them.  They want to make sure the company they go to work for is a real company.  Having an online presence is a great way to do this.
  3. Upload a video profile.  Having a video profile, whether it is produced or just someone from the company in front of a webcam will humanize the company to the prospective applicant.  
  4. Verify that you are priced accordingly.  Review profiles on the site first.  Make sure you see potential applicants that are in the price range you are looking to pay.  If your range is too low, you may not get any applicants.  A successful tactic is to have a high end on the range and inform people what the budget is during the interview process.
  5. Don't make the job posting mandatory requirements too difficult.  As people review the job posting they may not apply if they feel the mandatory requirements are too difficult.  For example, a mandatory requirement may state you must have 5 years of experience in property management.  This may reduce the number of people who can apply for the job.
  6. Add any benefits to the job like paid time off, bonus plans, holidays, etc
  7. Use TalentMatch - Once your job is posted it is matched to assistants using TalentMatch.  You can search and invite people that are matched to your job.  Search through TalentMatch to invite people that match up with your job.
  8. When messaging with a virtual assistant send your video link with dates/times
  9. When messaging with a virtual assistant, send them your email information.