How to use the VPM Academy During the Application Process

The VPM Academy is VPM's training center.  The training center was built to help people learn more about the industry in general, specific roles, and software that is used in the industry.  We understand that someone who lives in the Philippines most likely has no experience working in property management in the United States.  You can miss out on a lot of great candidates if you only look for people with experience.  

Each training course designed for virtual assistants has an exam.  Each course must be completed over 90% before the exam can be taken.  If an exam is failed, they are not notified which questions are missed.  This makes it more difficult to pass the exam.

At a minimum, we recommend that all candidates take the PM 101 courses.  These are our flagship courses.  There are 12 courses and it is over 9 hours of training.  When we hire at VPM, it is mandatory that any candidate takes these courses and obtains a certificate for each course before we take the next step in the process.

VPM also recommends utilizing training via certifications when looking for top candidates for a specific position.

For example, You are looking for a maintenance coordinator.  When you post your job you can list recommended courses - Maintenance Coordinator 101 and Property Meld 101.  

In the job posting, state that you will not interview anyone who does not have these certifications.

This does a couple of things:

  1. It shows the candidate is interested in the type of job role 

  2. It shows the candidate will do what it takes to land the job

  3. It shows the candidate has the capacity to learn as they have to take the course and pass an exam

  4. The candidate is being trained on their time

  5. You receive a better overall candidate

For a list of all courses.  Simply select VPM Academy on the left panel and select courses.