I have applied for a job but no one has contacted me?

VPM Solutions is a platform that facilitates Business Owners and Contractors only.

If you have applied for a job and the company has not gotten back to you, reach out to them again either by email or by message to find out what is the status of your application. If there is still no response from the company, try emailing them or messaging them again. After that, if they still have not replied, then it is most probable that the job is no longer available.

As stated previously, VPM Solutions have no direct involvement in the posting or hiring of any Virtual Assistants. VPM Solutions facilitates companies who are looking for virtual contractors through the platform. Once a job has been posted and a Virtual Assistant has applied, the correspondence is only between the Company who posted the job and the Virtual Assistant. VPM Solutions have no influence on who is hired for a job.