Navigating My Account: Virtual Assistant

Navigating My Account: Virtual Assistant

Here we will cover how to navigate your new account!

Here's an interactive tutorial


1. Welcome to VPM! This navigation video is going to show you where to get started.

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2. The first tab is your profile. You can view and edit any of the following pieces of information: your info, skills, work experience, education, languages, notification settings, your referral link, and your bank information.

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3. The next section you'll want to check out is the "Search for Jobs" tab.

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4. In this section, you can view different jobs and your match with them. The more your skills and abilities line up with the requirements, the higher your match percentage will be.

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5. You can also filter your job search via any of the following: category, English proficiency, skills, and budget.

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6. Now we can move on to the applications!

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7. On this screen, you can view all of your applications. Whether you've sent them and they are in review, have been accepted, or been declined, you can see them all. You can also view your invitations to jobs here.

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8. Next up: your jobs interface.

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9. On this page, you're able to view all of the jobs you have been or are currently working on. You can access the workspace for each job here.

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10. Let's move on to the payment section.

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11. On the payment tab, you're able to view your payout history, as well as adjust and view your banking information.

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12. Next up is the messages tab!

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13. You can view all of your message threads with employers here, and navigate between them seamlessly. You'll be able to communicate with each of them here.

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14. The final tab will take you to the Reports section.

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15. In the Reports section, you're able to view your upcoming, in dispute, processing, and paid payments. 

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16. Let's navigate back to your main page in order to get started.

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17. The first thing you should do is set up your banking information! You can do so on this tab. Once you've done that, you'll be able to apply to jobs and get started with VPM!

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