Suggested Items to Gather

Gather Information prior to Interviewing

Do not spend hours interviewing candidates that do not match your requirements by gathering information prior to the interview.

Rule of thumb 

  • Do not ask for more than 2 items at one time.  We have seen a decline in response if you are asking too much at once.  Think of when you are getting a mortgage and the bank keeps asking you for some information a little at a time.  The reason they do this is because they have studies that show people will not follow through if they ask for too much information at one time.
  • Suggested number of messages asking for new information should be less than five.  We have found that two or three messages asking for new information provide the best results in getting the candidate to the interview.  We have found that after three there is a small decline in response and after five a higher decline in response.

We do not recommend trying to gather all of this information but some of it prior to the interview

Suggested items to gather:

  • Video

 Record a 1 - 2  minute video of yourself answering the following questions for our team by [date].

       -Tell us about yourself.

      -What intrigues you about working for our company?

      -What leads you to believe you would be a good fit?

Determine whether their internet speed is sufficient for handling the tasks that you will require. 

Determine the type of computer (Desktop, Laptop) and consider the age of the device. (Recommended no older than 4 years)