What is the importance of video resume?

Video resume lowers the chance for faking, as an employer, you want to get quickly to the best-qualified candidates and avoid fake applicants. In a video resume, you will be able to better assess the technical skills of the applicant and other skills

Benefits of Video Resumes

It Stands Out

Imagine yourself in the place of a recruiter. You find a video resume among hundreds of similar-looking written resumes. Which one are you most likely to open first? 

You got the answer; video resumes can be a great way of standing out. Grabbing the attention of the recruiter is the first step towards getting shortlisted. A well-shot creative video describing your achievements will do the job. 

More Personalized

Right from the start, video resumes highlight your personality. You can convey many skills that are not otherwise visible in written resumes. It’s an opportunity to woo the recruiter with your body language, tone of voice, and confidence.

Greater Control

Have you ever found yourself squirming when asked tricky interview questions? You’re not alone as we’ve all been there. Often, we ruin our ideal answers under the pressure of an interview.  

But a video resume offers you greater control and confidence. You can impress the recruiters by answering typical interview questions preemptively. It will give you an added advantage over hundreds of other written resumes, which don’t do well in this respect.

Brownie Points for Creativity

Are you applying to roles that require you to have a creative side? Video resumes will win you extra points for creativity hands-down. This is because you enjoy a lot of creative freedom while editing your video.

You can add special effects, visuals, and even a storyline to your video. It will build your image as an ‘ideal person’ in the recruiter’s eyes. No amount of written fluff can match up to that.

Receives More Attention 

As demotivating as it sounds, recruiters spend 5-7 seconds scanning a resume on average. So there are high chances that important facets of your profile may get overlooked. But that is not the case with video resumes. 

With a unique format, a video is more likely to be watched until the end. Thus, all your skills and qualifications will fall under the gaze of the recruiter. Remember to make the best use of this attention!