Why Platform Fees?

What do the platform fees get me?

VPM Solutions is a free marketplace that allows you to set your hourly rate and to freely negotiate your rate directly with the company. The result is a much higher hourly rate for you than working for any placement service company directly.  

VPM Solutions only charges platform fees once a contractor gets a job and gets paid.  There are no subscription fees, no fees to apply to jobs and no fees to take any of the industry-specific online training and receive certifications.

The platform fees also include any transaction fees charged by the payment processor.


VPM has the most comprehensive referral program in the industry. Make VPM Solutions work for you. Simply invite others to the platform. When they get hired and get paid, you get paid.  


VPM helps you by spending thousands of dollars to find a large pool of companies, enhancing the user experience in the platform and providing tools for you such as automated payment processing, reporting, time tracking and training.


The best way to cover the VPM costs is to add the platform percentage when you apply for a job. For example, if you want $5.00 per hour and the platform charges 10%. Simply apply for the job with an hourly rate of $5.50. This will net you $5.00 per hour. There is no limit to the number of applications you can submit.

The VPM Academy is part of the package that the Virtual Assistant gets FREE when they sign up on the VPM Platform, they can enroll in free courses and earn certificates. Completed certificates will appear on their VPM profile page, helping them to be more attractive to hiring companies. They simply search the available courses, enroll for free, and earn certificates for completing courses.


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